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Airline complaint letter example is below; use it to start your own. . Simply copy and paste the letter into your own word processor and use it as a guide.

These days’ letters and email are interchangeable. Everyone uses email,so send your complaint letter by email to the customer service department.

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Here are a few pointers for writing your airline complaint letter

Be firm, polite, and honest about your complaint.

Give as much detail as possible including dates, times, flight numbers, resort details, and people you spoke to about the problem.

Sample Airline complaint letter

March 10, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

We just returned from a trip booked on to Dreamland on March 6, 2010. Our booking number was 123456 with the names of Jane Doe and John Doe. As you can see from our itinerary we paid $80.00 for private transportation to and from the resort. When we arrived at the airport in Dreamland we were directed to a van by the Sample representative. Our transportation was blocked in a long line by several buses and vans. Our wait time was over ½ hour in the van to finally be freed for departure to the hotel. The bus that carried the other passengers to our resort left quite a while before we did and arrived substantially earlier. The main purpose of paying for the private transportation was for early departure from the airport (not having to wait for the other passengers) and arrival at the resort before the others. Needless to say, this did not happen.

The Sample representative gave us paperwork at the airport and told us to meet him at 11:00 am in the lobby of the resort the next day for departure confirmation. We took time out of our day to do so only to be bombarded with side excursions sales. After waiting through his whole presentation I approached him with the question about our return “private” transportation information. At that time he informed us we would have to meet him the next day in the lobby between 3-5 pm to confirm our plans. Once again we took time out of our day to do this arriving at 4:15 pm only to find he already left. The concierge tried to contact him with no luck. She told us she would keep trying and to come back at our convenience. After returning to speak to her the next day the only answer she received was to look in the Sample Book and use the time for the regular bus departure which was 12:00 pm.

On our departure day (Saturday, March 6) we arrived in the lobby at 11:35 as to not miss our transportation. When it became 12:15 and most of the other people in the lobby had already been picked up for the airport I once again went to the hotel’s concierge to express my concern. She tried to contact the Sample representative to no avail. Continuing to help us she finally contacted “someone” that told her we would be picked up at 12:50 pm. That did not allow us sufficient time to arrive at the airport and go through customs and security. My stress level at this time was unbearable. A bus then showed up at 12:40 bearing another airline’s sign. I asked the bus driver if we could get on that bus to go to the airport. We paid for “private” transportation and had to settle to get on the bus or miss our flight.

Arriving at the airport very late we then had to go through four lines to get through Dreamland’s requirements for departure. One for U.S. Agricultural checks, another for check-in and baggage drop off, then through immigration and lastly security. By the time all of these were completed and we got to the gate the plane was almost fully boarded and getting ready for takeoff. This allowed us “no time” to get any lunch or do any duty free shopping (which we “always” do on vacation).

I have been an extremely loyal Sample’s customer (for domestic and vacation travel) as far back as I can remember. This experience made me “more” than unhappy. My question is….what is Sample Vacations going to do to remedy this incident?

Thank you,

Jane Doe

4321 Treeland Drive

Anytown, MI 48843

After you have sent your Airline complaint letter

Follow-up and be persistent if you are not satisfied.

For example a travel coupon should not replace money paid for a service you did not receive. Be aware that travel suppliers in general only let you use one coupon per person for each vacation package you purchase. So having two, which expire in a short period of time, does not help you.

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