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Here are some Caribbean islands facts; this is our chance to update you on the region we love so much. As always our focus is on you and your vacation.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean takes its name from the Carib people; their descendants still live on some Caribbean islands.

The Caribbean is an area consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands, and the coasts of countries that border on the sea. The region also includes the Bahamas and the Turks and Caicos Islands, even though they are in the Atlantic Ocean.

The Caribbean has 7001 islands of these some 37 countries have today 267 individual vacation destinations.

Caribbean Island Facts

The Caribbean Today , ( Source= )

The Caribbean Sea

The Caribbean Sea a wildlife paradise and has many coral reefs, including the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere off the coast of Belize.

The sea itself is shallow compared to other bodies of water with the exception of the Puerto Rico trench, located where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea meet north of Puerto Rico.It is the deepest point in all of the Atlantic Ocean.

The second trench on the Caribbean Sea floor is the Hispaniola trench. These trenches put the Caribbean islands in danger of earthquakes, some of them being severe.

Caribbean Climate

The climate is tropical, with the exception of Aruba, Bonaire, and CuraƧao, which are arid (low humidity). The Caribbean can have sunshine year round and has two seasons, January to June is the dry season, and July to December is the wet season.

Geography and Bio Geography

The Caribbean is in the Neotropic zone and shares many of the same plants and animals as South America and the state of Florida in the United States.

The Tallest mountain peak in the Caribbean is Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic and is 10,164 feet tall.

Many Caribbean islands where created by volcanic activity, today you can still find active volcanoes in the region.

The small island nation of Montserrat has had a recent volcanic eruption (1995), which created a modern day Pompeii at the site of the former capital of Plymouth. Today when you visit the island you can observe this volcano as tourism returns to the island.


The total regional population is estimated to be almost 44 million as of 7/2011.

Population has declined in some Caribbean countries, Virgin Islands, Trinadad and Tabago, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Haiti actually had negative growth. ( Source= )

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